The gateway to the North Cape, Honningsvag was in mediaeval times believed to lie on the edge of the world. The region is one of icy winds and the land of the midnight sun and offers the visitor spectacular landscapes and stunning views. The rocky promontory of North Cape was first discovered in 1553 by English captain Richard Chancellor while on an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to find a new passage to China. The captain, however, developed significant commerce on the Russian coast at Mourmansk and became very wealthy.
The first organised tour to the North Cape was by ship in 1875 through the English Cook agency. The ship had to anchor at Hornvika, just below North Cape and the remaining journey was done on foot. It reportedly took the visitors one-hour to climb the 307 metres to the peak of North Cape, overlooking the Arctic Ocean at the top of the European continent.
In 1956 a road was constructed between Honningsvag and North Cape, heralding a period of substantial commerce for the region. North Cape is situated on Mageroy Island, which since 1998 has been connected to the mainland by a 7km tunnel. The road from Honningsvag to North Cape is 34km long and the 45-minute journey passes through beautiful Arctic landscape.
The focal point for visitors to North Cape is the Pavilion, built in 1988, which through a 75-metre tunnel connects to a large cave dug out the rock where a terrace bar offers striking views over the Arctic Ocean. The Pavilion also has a number of restaurants and a cinema showing films about North Cape and various expeditions. Outside the Pavilion are the Globe, a symbol of North Cape, and a large sculpture in the shape of seven medallions. The sculpture, called Children of the Earth, is the work of seven youngsters who visited North Cape in 1988 and is meant to convey joy, peace, friendship and solidarity.

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