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Vila Baleira Resort

The Hotel is located on the first line of the beach 5 minutes from the center of the village. The Resort has at its disposal 312 spacious rooms with a balcony, 56 of which are apartments and 32 Suites. With a location perpendicular to the beach line, from most rooms' balconies you can enjoy a relaxing side sea view that invites you to read.

Pico Ana Ferreira - Drone and

Panoramic View

Pico de Ana Ferreira is the highest point in the western part of the island, with 283 meters of altitude, where we find a set of prismatic columns, originated by volcanic activities that are thousands of years old. Video with images captured by drone and panoramic view of the island.

Trip Vila Baleira - Pedregal

Drive from Vila Baleira city to Pedregal along the ER233 and ER111, passing by Serra de Fora and Serra de Dentro, captured by GoPro.

PS PR2 Vereda do Pico Castelo

This trail starts at Moledo, next to the Regional Road and, going up the forest path, it will allow two alternatives to be covered: on the north side or on the south side of Pico do Facho. We chose to do this circular circuit and climb Pico do Facho on another day. Crossing the central area of the island, at the base of Pico do Facho, we can see traces of the old agricultural area, the arduous work of building the paired walls and contemplate the fantastic human work for the reforestation of the island.

Trip Pedregal - Pé na Água

Drive from Pedregal to na Água bar along the ER111, passing Camacha and Vila Baleira city centre, captured by GoPro.
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Trip Pé na Água - Hotel Vila Baleira

Drive from na Água bar to Hotel Vila Baleira along the ER111/E120, captured by GoPro.

Beach Walk

Walk along the beautiful beach of Porto Santo. One of the main characteristics of these tours is that we never find the beach in the same way, sometimes with more sand, sometimes with less, exposing magnificent rock formations...

Praia da Calheta (Beach)

Calheta Beach is located on the southeast of Porto Santo, it is where the long beach ends and thus it is more rocky. From this beach one can enjoy the view over the Islet of Cal. From this beach you can enjoy a beautiful landscape over the Ilhéu da Cal and on days with good visibility you can see Madeira Island form afar.

Trip Hotel Vila Baleira - Miradouro

das Flores

Drive from Hotel Vila Baleira to Miradouro das Flores along the ER111/E120, Est. Cmdt. José de Castro Vasconcelos and in the final part a dirt path, captured by GoPro.

Miradouro das Flores e Morenos


The Flores Viewpoint offers a magnificent view over Porto Santo and its beach and also allows a view over the area of Calheta beach and also over the islets of Ferro, Cal and Cima. A little inland, north of Cabeço das Flores, is the charming picnic spot known as Morenos, overlooking jagged volcanic cliffs.

Trip Miradouro das Flores -

Miradouro do Furado Norte

Drive from Miradouro das Flores to Miradouro do Furado Norte, passing through the Morenos, the entire route is dirt, images captured by GoPro.

Miradouro do Furado Norte

Located on the western tip of the island, near the Morenos area, along the rocky coast, from this viewing point here we can observe the Ilhéu de Ferro and, in clear good days, we can see the north coast of Madeira island. The best spot to see the sunset!

Trip Miradouro do Furado Norte -

Hotel Vila Baleira

Drive from the Furado Norte viewpoint to the Hotel Vila Baleira with an initial dirt track and then following the Est. Cmdt. José de Castro Vasconcelos and ER111/E120, images captured by GoPro.

PR2 Climb to the top of Pico Castelo

Climb to Pico Castelo departing from the Miradouro do Canhão, where we have the city of Vila Baleira in the background. There are several sequences of steps that require some preparation. At the top of Pico Castelo, you will come across a statue in honor of António Schiappa de Azevedo, a major driving force behind the reforestation of Porto Santo.

Trip Miradouro do Canhão - Pé na


Drive from Miradouro do Canhão to na Água bar along the ER111, passing by Vila Baleira city centre, captured by GoPro.

Amazing Walk Tour

Starting from the Pontinhas site, we decided to explore this area to the nearest slope, walking along paths traced over time. The landscape next to the ravine is magnificent!

Porto das Salemas

Porto das Salemas is a small and beautiful cove, very well hidden but worth a visit, a place of great beauty where small natural pools are formed with a sandy bottom and clear waters. Porto das Salemas is surrounded by interesting geological phenomena.

Trip Porto das Salemas - Fonte da


Drive from Porto das Salemas to Fonte da Areia, captured by GoPro.

Trip Fonte da Areia - Dunas

Departing from Fonte da Areia, we headed towards the dunes for a magnificent drive where it is possible to observe the natural beauty of Porto Santo.

Trip Dunas - Quinta das Palmeiras

A beautiful drive through the Dunes of Porto Santo, taking advantage of the off-road, which is sometimes not easy to get to.

Beach by Drone

Another perspective of the beautiful Porto Santo beach, with images captured by Drone.

Porto de Frades Beach by Drone

Located in Serra de Fora, Porto dos Frades beach, is a pebble beach surrounded by sand "walls", with immense beauty and from where we can see Ilhéu de Cima 400 meters away.