“A man needs to travel, on by it’s own, not by stories, images, books or TV. He needs to travel by himself with is eyes  and feet, to understand what’s his. Then one day he could plant he’s own trees and appreciate his work. Feel thet cold  to appreciate the heat. And the opposite. Feel the distance and the exposure to feel good under it’s own roof. A man  need to travel to places that he doesn’t know an break that arrogance that make us see the world as we imagine, and  not how it should be or could be; what make us teachers, doctors about things that we haven’t seen, or we sould be  students, just go out there and see the world.”  (Adapted "Mar sem fim"- Amyr Klink) 
Welcome This site results from the conjugation of two hobbies: to travel and photography. It  intends to be a site of share of images and information what it will make remember who  already knows the "wonderful dreams" and will make "dreaming" others.  The photos are not treated not even of special selection so they retract the only  determined moments and what can seem a disconnected photo acts a little of the visited  place. Be the set of light/color, the particular architecture, a movement, or something  that we do not manage to catch in it all because the "shot" happened too late. The called "magic of the moment".      (Last Update >>>)
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 Our site started when the ambition of travel, through the world, was only a dream! Our initial idea was to organize our memories,  whenever we wanted to remember them.   After a few time, the dream has become a reality. Year after year, the content grew as did the followers. Unfortunately (or not) we  were unable to publish everything at the pace we traveled. We leave here the different platforms. where you can find us. You will  notice that the information is very "visual". If you want more information you can send a message on Facebook and we are happy to  answer. Enjoy it like we do!                                             - All Trips: From 12/12/2003 to 22/07/2016 and After 22/07/2016; - Trips sorted by Visited Countries; - Youtube Videos with two channels: TravelExperiences and CarLuz TravelVideos; - Blogspot; - Facebook; - Instagram: @nadiamendes06, @algunssonhosvividos and @Kharlosluz;