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Vienna by wonderfuldreams.tk 19/04/2022 - 24/04/2022 Vienna in Blogger More… Vienna

Hotel Mercure Vienna First

The Mercure Vienna First is a boutique hotel with a friendly atmosphere and exceptional style, created by the perfect combination of history and modernity. The decor transports us to Viennese culture in a very well maintained hotel. Very good breakfast served in a room that turns into a Bistro for dinner.

Albertina Museum

The Albertina is home to one of the greatest and most valuable graphic collections in the world, with works such as Dürer's "Young Hare" and Klimt's studies of the female form. During our visit exhibition presents modern masterpieces ranging from Monet to Picasso and Baselitz.

Weltmuseum Wien

The Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna is Austria's largest anthropological museum, established in 1876. It currently resides in the Hofburg Imperial Palace and houses over 400,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects from Asia, Africa, Oceania and America.

Schönbrunn Palace and environs

Visit to Schönbrunn Palace that was built about 300 years ago. Was the summer house of the emperors and were the Empress Elisabeth, the legendary "Sisi", spent the first years of her marriage here. After the visit a Sightseeing-train through the palace park to the Gloriette from where we have a wonderful view of the city. On the way out time to pass through the impressive maze.


Located on the border between the 1st and 4th districts of Vienna, Karlsplatz is a bustling and very busy square in Vienna. The square is named after Emperor Karl VI. During the outbreak of the plague, he promised to build a church here the Karlskirche (we visited its interior and went up to the terrace where it has a beautiful view over the square). Most of Karlsplatz is occupied by the so-called Resselpark.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna. Construction commenced in the 12th century. Today, it is one of the most important Gothic structures in Austria. We go up to the Tower where we have a breathtaking view over the city of Vienna!


Schwarzenbergplatz is one of the most grandiose squares in Vienna, in the center of the square is the equestrian statue of the Prince of Schwarzenberg who commanded the Austrian and Allied forces against Napoleon in the Battle of Leipizig in 1813 and the illuminated fountain, behind it stands the Memorial of the Soviet War, a monument to the Red Army, which liberated Vienna in World War II.

Belvedere (Palace and Museum)

Começámos no Belvedere 21, onde encontrámos arte contemporânea da Áustria e exposições internacionais temporárias. Seguimos então para o Palácio Belvedere. O Belvedere não é apenas um magnífico palácio barroco, mas também abriga uma das coleções de arte mais valiosas da Áustria com obras- chave de Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele e Oskar Kokoschka.

Hundertwasser House and Village

he Hundertwasser House in Vienna is one of Austria's architectural highlights. The house designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser attracts visitors from all over the world. Its colorfully decorated external facade draws attention to you almost magically. To finished a visit to Kunst Haus Wien - center offering a permanent exhibition of Hundertwasser’s works.

Wiener Riesenrad - Giant Ferris


The Giant Ferris Wheel in the Prater is one of Vienna's symbols. Almost 65 meters tall, it offers a breathtaking view of the city. Since very recently, the particularly courageous have been able to get an extraordinary shot of adrenalin here.
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The Stadtpark was opened in 1862 as Vienna's first public park. It has more monuments and sculptures than any other park - the famous golden Johann Strauss memorial, among others, can be found here. Visit in the late afternoon where the characteristic colors of the sunset invade the park.
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Michaelerplatz is a square with the Imperial Palace on one side and on the other side the Church of St Michael, in the middle os the square we can see exposed Roman excavations.
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Natural History Museum -

Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna

The biggest meteorite collection in the world, a digital planetarium, the Stone Age Venus of Willendorf, animated dinosaurs and many other secrets of nature can be discovered in the Natural History Museum. But before visiting the rooms with the different exhibitions, you will be amazed by the beauty of the entrance hall of this grandiose building!
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Art History Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) was built in 1891 near the Imperial Palace to house the extensive collections of the imperial family. With its vast array of eminent works and the largest Bruegel collection in the world. Numerous major art works of European art history, among them Raphael’s "Madonna in the Meadow," Vermeer’s "The Allegory of Painting," the Infanta paintings by Velazquez, …
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Vienna City Hall - Wiener Rathaus

Exterior images of the imposing City Hall building, designed and built between 1872 and 1883, it is today the most important secular building in neo-Gothic style in the city.
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mumok - Museum of Modern Art

The mumok - Museum of Modern Art Ludwig foundation Vienna in the MuseumsQuartier focuses its attention on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Works by Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Pablo Picasso, Yoko Ono, Günter Brus and Gerhard Richter invite visitors to engage with contemporary art.
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The Leopold Museum

At the Leopold Museum in the center of Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, you find not only the most eminent Egon Schiele collection but also major works by Gustav Klimt, such as "Death and Life" and his beautiful square- shaped landscape paintings. The museum also shows fascinating works by Oskar Kokoschka, Richard Gerstl, Albin Egger- Lienz, Anton Kolig, Herbert Boeckl and Alfred Kubin.
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Austrian National Library

The State Hall, the heart of the Austrian National Library, is one of the most beautiful library halls in the world. It is the biggest Baroque library in Europe. The former Court Library was created in the first half of the 18th century as a private wing of the Hofburg imperial residence. Emperor Karl VI ordered its construction.
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City Cruise

City cruise in the Danube Canal in a loop starting at the Wien-City ship station on Schwedenplatz. On this tour we can see important buildings: Uniqa Tower, Urania observatory, Badeschiff, hotel and business building by Jean Nouvel, Schützenhaus by Otto Wagner, Ringturm, Roßauer barracks, Zaha- Hadid-Haus and the Spittelau waste incineration plant designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
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Vienna State Opera

On our guided tour, we experienced the Vienna State Opera, one of the most significant opera houses in the world, built in 1869. A peek behind the scenes of the Vienna State Opera, the world’s biggest repertory theater, reveals lots of things that are otherwise hidden from evening opera-goers.
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