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Walking Tour

A 12th-century gem boasting more than a thousand historic buildings, Lübeck ’s picture- book appearance is an enduring reminder of its role as one of the founding cities of the mighty Hanseatic League and its moniker ‘Queen of the Hanse’. Behind its landmark Holstentor, you’ll find streets lined with medieval merchants’ homes and spired churches forming Lübeck ’s ‘crown’. Recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 1987, today this thriving provincial city retains many enchanting corners to explore.


Built in 1464 and looking so settled-in that it appears to sag, Lübeck’s charming red-brick city gate is a national icon. Its twin pointed cylindrical towers, leaning together across the stepped gable that joins them, captivated Andy Warhol, and have graced postcards, paintings, posters and marzipan souvenirs.


Thanks to a lift, even the fitness-phobic get to enjoy panoramic views from the 50m-high platform in the tower of the 13th-century Petrikirche . No longer an active parish, the starkly whitewashed interior hosts exhibits and events.


Sometimes described as a ‘fairy tale in stone’, Lübeck ’s 13th- to 15th-century Rathaus is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Germany. I


This fine Gothic church boasts the world's highest brick-vaulted roof and was the model for dozens of churches in northern Germany. Crane your neck to take in the painted cross- vaulted ceilings supported by slender, ribbed pillars. A WWII bombing raid brought down the church's bells, which have been left where they fell in 1942 and have become a famous symbol of the city.
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