Grand Turk é uma ilha das Turks e Caicos. É a maior ilha das Ilhas Turks, com 18 km². É nessa ilha que se localiza a capital do território - Cockburn Town. Fonte Wikipédia. Saiba mais    Grand Turk Island is an island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is the largest island in the Turks Islands (the smaller of the two archipelagos that make up the island nation) with 18 km2. Grand Turk contains the territory's capital, Cockburn Town and the JAGS McCartney International Airport. The island is the administrative, historic, cultural and financial center of the territory, and has the second largest population of the islands at approximately 3,720 people. Grand Turk was first colonised in 1681 by Bermudians, who set up the salt industry in the islands. In 1766 it became the capital of the country. The name comes from a species of cactus on the island, the Turk's Cap Cactus (Melocactus) intortus, which has a distinctive cap, reminiscent of an Ottoman fez. Grand Turk gained international attention in 1962 when John Glenn's Friendship 7 Mercury spacecraft landed in the vicinity of Grand Turk Island off the southeast shoreline. A replica of the Friendship 7 is on display in Grand Turk at the entrance to the Grand Turk Island airport. Source Wikipédia. See more Grand Turk, the capital of the Turks and Caicos  Islands, is a small island bursting with turn-of-the-  century Caribbean charm, retaining the look and feel  of the Caribbean 40 years ago.  Grand Turk was  founded by Bermudan salt rakers some three  centuries ago and its Bermudan-British-colonial  architecture surrounded by colorful local dwellings  make the island a treasure to visit.   It is recognized as being one of the first places in the New  World where Christopher Columbus landed and also gained  worldwide attention when John Glenn splashed down near  Grand Turk on his historic first mission to space.  Grand Turk  is six miles long and just over a mile wide with a population  of only 6,000. It is blessed with miles of uncrowded,  beautiful beaches and is close to several uninhabited cays  such as Gibb's Cay, home of the stingray encounter. While there are many landside attractions to explore  such as the Old Prison, Lighthouse Park, and the re-  created salt salina, the real beauty of the island lies  underwater. Grand Turk is world-famous for its  healthy and beautiful coral reefs that surround the  island, stretching almost from the coastline to the  7,000-foot vertical wall just offshore. Source “” Board your transportation at the Grand Turk Cruise  Center and travel to the Grand Quay Salt Company  ("The Salt House"). En route, you'll make a brief  stop at the airport to snap a photo of a replica of the  space capsule in which astronaut John Glenn  splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean. You'll also pass  Saint Thomas Parish Church, the oldest church on  Grand Turk built by Bermudan settlers.   At The Salt House, stroll through its small museum  for a glimpse into the history of the salt and slave  trade in Grand Turk. There's also an opportunity to  view and pet indigenous donkeys, descendants from  earlier days of settlement. Next you'll drive to the  Grand Turk Methodist Church.  Source “” The serenity of The Sanctuary® and the casual  street café atmosphere of the Piazza may just reel  you in for the day, while your nights might be filled  with the great tasting food offered in the Crown  GrillSM followed by a first-run film at Movies Under  the Stars®. Source "" Featuring our latest innovations, Crown Princess is  one of the largest Princess ships, with room for  3,080 passengers. From her nearly 900 balconies,  you can enjoy sweeping views of romantic  landscapes across the world.  After experiencing the  relaxed comfort of our intimate onboard venues,  however, you may not want to explore the beauty  ashore! Source "" 
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